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Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management Capital Construction

Stellar has the software expertise to support the entire asset management lifecycle from condition assessment to planning to projects and commissioning, and maintenance. Stellar extends our services to include - consulting, implementation for new installations and upgrades, business process analysis and assessments. Stellar connects the right solution and the implementation with an organizations operating strategies.

Business Process Analysis

The Stellar Team will evaluate the current practices, incorporate best practices developed across a wide portfolio of client peers, and incorporate solutions that meet specific organizational challenges and needs. Stellar’s approach documents all proposed recommendations, and identifies gaps and areas for improvement throughout the business process resulting in the optimization of lifecycle costs.

IOT Sensors and Sensor Data

Sensors are widely used across the industries to collect data including weather, temperatures, length of service operation, power consumption, and a vast number of other data points. Leveraging this data, combining it with other information (preventative and corrective maintenance, facility condition assessments, etc.), provides more insight into performance, lifecycle cost and enables better decision -making based on return on investment (ROI) for continued maintenance and/or initiating replacement.

Integration Services:

Technology has evolved with the anticipation of data integration. The key to effective data integration is first to understand the organizations business processes and needs, the data feed required for processing, and how best to handle the data integration services. Stellar has the experience integrating enterprise applications utilizing real-time, near-real time and bulk processing services supported by API’s, Web Services and middleware solutions. Whatever enterprise technology architecture is in place Stellar has the right expertise to get IT done!

Data Migration

Many implementations require data migration into the new solution. Stellar leverages proprietary migration scripts along with scripts provided by the software vendors. These scripts streamline the reporting and error handling associated with typical migrations and create the foundation for the transformational elements required to assure success and data integrity.


Organizations measure the asset based strategic plan through reporting and analytics. EAM solutions provide robust reporting capable of tracking progress towards the strategic plan, asset management objectives, and baseline equipment performance. Stellar leverages reporting and analytics and expands these functions to include:

Managed Care Services

For existing implementations, Stellar supports Enterprise Asset Management software and associated business operations, and provides onsite and/or remote user and technical team support. Stellar’s support plans are flexible and allow for support directly from the technical staff that implemented the solution.

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