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Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Stellar Services delivers Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solutions with the ability to improve a range of EPPM processes such as:

• Being more accountable and efficient in budgeting and financing

• Allowing contractors to submit invoices online and automate the approving process

• Providing ability to monitor the construction schedule and make sure it stays on time and within budget

• Alerting users regarding contract issues in a timely manner to minimize claims

• Using earned value method

• Planning multi-year capital programs Integrating scheduling and ERP systems

quotation marks We were very gratified with the quality, integrity, and level of professionalism built in to Stellar’s day-to-day work and ultimate deliverables. It is, therefore, without reservation that we readily recommend Stellar Services. quotation marks

— a County Department of Transportation in the State of Georgia

Stellar Services has assessed current Capital Controls Systems identifying gaps in current use of the system, business processes and developed strategic plans for upgrades and add-on solutions and upgrades / replacement solutions. Our staff has the breadth spanning all facets of Capital Controls and Program Controls Systems and Business Processes.

• SOLIS - An automated On-Line Invoice Processing solution which allows contractors and vendors to submit details and supporting backup material against Professional Services and Construction Contracts. This system monitors and reports M/DBE Utilization and tracks the retention payment process.

• ProjectView - a custom Project Management tool developed for smaller counties and agencies. This solution tracks project status, payment status and supports adhoc reporting tools.

• Design Reviews - a SharePoint solution allowing designers and the Project Team to formally track comments and the review process.

Stellar OneView™ Solution

Built for generalist instead of specialist, from Project Coordinator, Administrator, Project Control Staff, Analysts, to Executives

Stellar Services One View

Our OneView Management Dashboard is a Business Intelligence solution applied to the project and program management domain. It accommodates a broad Array of legacy systems to meet the needs in project planning, budgeting and financial operations. It can provide graphical charts and reports, standardized information presentation, and significantly enhances project support.

OneView delivers the following solutions to our clients, resulting in appreciable cost savings:

• Change Management

• Full Project Stage Accountability

• Optimization of Project Timelines

• Planning, Design and Construction Management

• Optimization of Resource Allocations

• Scope, Budget, Schedule, Cost, Status, Risk, Contract Management

• Optimization of Project Budget Management

• Activity and Progress and Dashboard Reporting

• Dynamic User Participation in a Secure Environment

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