Airport Project Example Airport Project Example

Airport Development Program, Project Management Services

Client Challenge

Effectively managing a capital program that includes complex projects, such as the construction of six new runways and an international terminal, requires comprehensive process automation. Management also needed tools with the ability to digest information and present it in an abbreviated and meaningful way.

The Stellar Solution

Stellar has developed the Enterprise Program Management System using ASP, .NET, .COM, Java, and Visual Basic, and has integrated schedule data from Oracle Primavera P5/P6, contract data from Oracle Primavera Contract Manager (Expedition), cost data from Oracle Financial ERP, ERWin, Program Cost Management System (COBRA) and various types of documents from the client's document control system, among other data. All data was consolidated in a centralized database, including Oracle, Sybase SQL Anywhere, MS SQL Server databases for variant COTS products, a repository that serves as the central hub for OneView's web-based management dashboard and status reporting modules.


The Enterprise Program Management System that Stellar proposed is an innovative project management information system designed for project managers and executive managers to control the overall progress of their projects. With the EPMS system, users can access and control information for planning and budgeting of the project throughout its progression. Stellar Services has been providing continuing services in configuration, administration integration and cost management support, as well as system administration implementation, coordination and system administration support.

The type of information available through the EPMS system dashboard includes:

  • Cost Information
    • Budgeted Cost Work Scheduled
    • Budgeted Cost Work Performed
    • Actual Cost Work Performed
    • Forecast to Completion
    • Earned Value Analysis
  • Schedule Information
    • Detailed Activities
    • Critical Path/Activities
    • 90 Day Look-Ahead Activities
    • Procurement Schedule
    • Summary Schedule
    • Project Status
    • Photos
    • Monthly Status
    • Next Month Planning
  • Reports
    • Monthly Status Reports
    • Cost Performance Reports
    • Other Customized Reports

Stellar's team members respond rapidly to the capital program's changing requirements to keep all solutions in optimal working condition. Although the solutions we implemented for the airport have been in use for almost ten years, they work as well as any newly developed system because of their inherent flexibility and our dedication to upgrading.

Stellar has successfully upgraded P3E to P5 and then P6, as well as Oracle Primavera Contract Manager from version 8, to 9, 11, 12 and 14. Stellar is currently providing on-site application enhancement and support to deliver the maximum level of benefits to the airport. The services we are providing include: configuration, administration integration, cost management support, system administration implementation, coordination, system upgrade, system administration support and user training.

Results/Benefits to client:

As a result of Stellar's of enhancement and support to HJAIA program management system:

  • All data was consolidated in a centralized data repository.
  • The OneView dashboard aides in the management process by presenting information in a greatly accessible manner that empowers users to make rapid and accurate decisions.
  • SOLIS enabled the reduction of vendor data error by controlling the data entry process through its secure web portal thereby giving HJAIA the ability to guarantee payment to vendors within an allotted timeframe.

NYC Department of Transportation Project Example NYC DOT Project

NYC DOT DriveSmart

Client Challenge

In 2013, the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) initiated the Drive Smart project, a program designed to develop emerging vehicle telematics technologies in ways that enhance transportation system performance, benefit New York City drivers, and explore the future role of DOT in spurring the broad adoption of these technologies. The Drive Smart Program will demonstrate how to benefit New York City drivers to save money, save time, and to drive more safely. This program also aligns with Mayor de Blasio's Vision Zero program to provide a safer environment for both drivers and pedestrians.

The Stellar Solution

Stellar is part of the technical team for architecting and in developing the centralized data platform on the Amazon cloud platform. Our team is responsible for all the back-end data processing, software development and data management.


Stellar team designed and built an end-to-end vehicle data processing and management solution for NYC DOT Drive Smart program. This robust traffic data management system not only enables NYCDOT to make intelligent or tactical decisions to reduce traffic congestions, but also provides a true technology platform for business partners to provide additional added-value services to individual citizen. Ultimately, the Drive Smart program will foster a healthy ecosystem for individual citizens, commercial partners, and government agencies to reduce traffic congestions, encourage good driving behavior and improve safety.

Our solution includes five major components:

  1. ODB-II Data Transmission and Acceptance management
  2. Data Cleansing and Storage Management
  3. Vehicle Data Analysis and Management
  4. Program Partner Data Distribution Management
  5. Performance and Security Management

Stellar developed a system that can process 4.16 million of transaction records per hour. It is equivalent to almost 100 million records per day. All DOT's ODB-II devices are configured to record data every second and transmit data every 30 seconds through cellular network. The real-time data processing program on the Amazon cloud server is designed to manage multiple concurrent data acceptances and process high volume raw data 24x7. Valid data such as duration of the trip, fuel consumption, numbers of hard breaking in the trip etc. is further processed to various program partners and DOT. Errors, such as malfunction device, poor network reception or unauthenticated devices, are flagged and reported for analytical purposes.

PANYNJ Project PANYNJ Project

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey PMO Capital Program Delivery Dashboard Development

Client Challenge

PANYNJ Project Management Office's (PMO's) mission is to continually improve the Port Authority's ability to successfully deliver capital projects through the training and development of project management staff and through implementation and oversight of corporate policies procedures and standards to facilitate effective project management and performance measure. Stellar team was hired to develop and support the Port Authority Capital Program Dashboard, an agency-wide interactive project and portfolio dashboard to illustrate the overall capital program status and performance.

The Stellar Solution

Stellar has designed, developed, tested and deployed both external and internal dashboards through prototype, initial launch and enhancement phases. We performed data cleansing and standardization on performance matrix; developed reason code and footnote applications to enhance dashboard data collection process, and provided pre- and post- dashboard deployment support such as data analysis, ad-hoc reporting, and data interpretation, etc.


For the Internal Dashboard, Stellar team has implemented the 10 year capital plan dashboard and current year dashboard, developed the data loading from ICMS, built performance summary page, and added reason codes and footnotes collection web applications. In addition, Stellar team enhanced the dashboard by creating user access control applications for the dashboard and reason code application to differentiate the various user access roles.

Stellar also designed and delivered the external Port Authority Capital Program Dashboard. The external dashboard was launched to public in the 1st quarter of year 2015. Stellar currently is responsible for the operational support of the quarterly dashboards updates and the implementation of monthly performance summary and detail report.

For both dashboards, Stellar team developed the ETL data processes to populate the project planning, and forecast actual data from ICMS to the dashboard database in order to publish web based interactive dashboards as well as a variety of SSRS reports.

Stellar has been providing maintenance and support services for Port Authority PMO dashboards on both the internal and external dashboards, Reason Codes and Footnote Applications. For internal dashboard, Stellar team collects monthly data, updates dashboard reporting data, performs what-if analysis on monthly performance and re-baseline strategies, and implements the User Access Control app. For External dashboard, Stellar team perform analysis on agency/line of business performance summary reports, updates reason codes and footnotes, and coordinate with Port Authority Technology Department for data migration and dashboard publication.

Port of Seattle Port of Seattle

Port of Seattle Records Management System

Client Challenge

POS had implemented V9.7 approximately 10 years ago. The processes were developed by another contractor and have not been changed since that time. In November 2014, Stellar Services was awarded the contract to upgrade OpenText to V10.5 and improve the overall Construction Management processes.

The Stellar Solution

Stellar has supported the Port of Seattle to upgrade the OpenText content server, simplify the workflow POS currently using and combine the 27 workflow into 3 workflows with following details:


Improved Workflows

  • Making workflows available across all projects and eliminate the requirement to set up new workflows for each new project.
  • Provide workflow reports displaying the current Ball in Court (BIC).
  • Improve the workflow reminder process.
  • Leverage eMail workflow capabilities on computers and mobile platforms.
  • Automate as much of the data collection, reporting and forms as possible streamlining the processes and improving the use of the solution.
  • Improve user interface/functionality and integrate with Sharepoint
  • Flexibility in assigning reviewers/rerouting as needed

Improved Reporting

  • Improve reporting capabilities with filtering and more interactive searching.
  • Provide reports based on User Roles.
  • Provide new reports (dashboard) of workflow queues supporting a drill down, sortable and filtering functions.
  • Ability to export and easily print all reports
  • Ability to create custom reports
  • Ability to report across multiple projects / metrics

Improved Security Model

  • Making it easier to manage users.
  • Easier for users to log into the system.
  • Leverage licenses providing access to more users.
  • Focus information to the user accessing the system including restricting access to external personnel (i.e. internal comments).

Extend the use of OpenText & SharePoint (AGA) and Mobile

  • Develop access to workflows, reports and other information via SharePoint (OpenText AGA).
  • Provide access to reports and/or data via SharePoint leveraging licensing models.
  • Provide mobile access to forms, workflows and reports required by staff via mobile device browsers.

Second Avenue Subway Second Avenue Subway

New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Second Ave Subway (SAS) (Phase I)

Client Challenge

To reduce the maintenance cost of the then legacy document management system, Stellar Services designed and implemented the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) for the project, a streamlined, cost-efficient solution in Microsoft SharePoint environment.

The Stellar Solution

EDMS supports the project's daily operations, including contract administration, change orders, invoices, and project management procedures and reports.


General project activities such as collaboration, issue management, risk management and change management are also supported by the solution. Discussions, documentation, assignments and issues are all tracked and auditable. Having staff on site at all times ensured that the solution evolves to fit the ever-changing needs of the project.

Stellar used InfoPath to design custom forms that link to SharePoint workflows, and used Visual Studio .net, InfoPath and SharePoint Designer to develop and customize content query web parts, content editor web parts, data view web parts, etc. We have developed 7 service modules and 19 functional modules to support the project's design phase, construction phase and close-out. The workflows automated various business process and improved made operations more effective, efficient, and agile.

In addition to the improvement of document management efficiency, EDMS manages:

  • Document Log Number (DLN)
  • Purchase Requisition/Purchase Order Process
  • Correspondence
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Transmittal
  • Memo
  • Auto Number Workflow
  • Metadata Copy Workflow
  • Submittal
  • RFI
  • AWO
  • Inspection Report
  • NCR
  • Slurry Wall Report
  • Secand Pile Report
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Integration Control Document
  • Safety and Security
  • Observation List (Punch List)

Stellar was brought on to the SAS project in 2000 to provide primary on-site IT support services for the more than 300-person project office for all components of its IT infrastructure. Our staff has provided security management including policy management and intrusion detection, system administration, server management, disaster recover planning and backup, computer operations, end-user support, hardware and software procurement, for the changing needs of the project. We have designed and implemented and maintained the network infrastructure, which included routers, switches, and security appliances. We support the SAS project members to access applications and databases from any location, with authorized access and rigorous security.

Stellar has provided the project with finance and accounting services, project control system services using Primavera software for Schedule Control, Prism Project Manager for monthly budget control; and “Causeway Collaboration” for Document Control. We produced ad hoc reports to simplify the presentation of cost and budgeting to upper management, prepared monthly invoicing reports from over 30 sub-consultants and partners related to the project to obtain reimbursement for the work completed, performed periodic reviews of distribution, bill backs and retention reports are done to ensure accurate payments. Our team performed Average Allowable Rate (AAR) Tracking and Control, Labor Budget and Actual Cost Control, Earned Value Review (EVR) Adjustments, and Contract Modification.

Having partaken in completing Phase I of the SAS Project, team Stellar established systematic initiation and strategic understanding of MTA business practices, rules and procedures, design, and interface.

Our team is fully dedicated to continue provide support to SAS on all components of its EDMS, IT infrastructure, and Invoice/Budget and operation support. With our on-site presence, Stellar is committed to responding quickly and effectively to team members' needs for the SAS project.

Protections for Reporting Fraud in New York

Protections for Reporting Fraud in New York

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