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What is Custom Development?

Every organization has data and technology needs that are unique. Applications are a great enabler - they provide access to data and functionality in combinations that support efficient planning, operations, compliance, and informed decision-making. Whether purchased as an off-the-shelf product, leased as software as a service (SaaS) or developed as a custom solution, applications drive organizational success. Stellar's software developers are technology experts with years of experience delivering powerful, scalable, and flexible web, mobile, and desktop applications for a wide range of customers. Stellar's solutions are designed to meet your needs today, and into the future.

Understanding Business Needs:

Stellar begins each development effort by gaining an understanding of the relevant requirements. Our discovery process includes review and definition of:

The relevant business process(es)
Required functionality and workflow
Users, functional roles and required permissions and constraints
Existing data, and any gaps in availability, quality and/or completeness
Relevant integrations
Existing technology considerations - e.g. standards, infrastructure, policies and procedures
Priorities, phasing, schedule, resource constraints and/or other relevant development and deployment issues
Design, Build, Test, Deploy:

Clients are in good hands with the Stellar team. Stellar employs Agile development which enables creation of a modest prototype quickly, and then initiative reviews and feedback "early and often". Agile lets users engage and remain engaged, thereby increasing buy-in and acceptance of change. Our deployment process allows as-needed incorporation of refinements that hone the solution to optimally meet your business needs.

Front-end: JavaScript, React, Angular, more
Mobile: Power Apps, React-Native, IOS Native, Android Native, more.
Cloud services: Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, other
Back-end: C# on .Net Core, Java, NodeJS, Python, PHP, Ruby, more
Data: SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, ArcGIS Enterprise, other
APIs: COTS, SaaS/PaaS/IaaS, customer's existing, custom build by Stellar

Support, Maintain, Enhance:

Stellar's primary focus is the success of our customers. The challenges that every organization must address and overcome are unique. Some of our customers want us to 'do the fishing' - i.e. create, deploy, maintain. Other customers want us to 'teach them to fish' - i.e. help them create. We are flexible and provide an appropriate level of leadership and assistance to meet the specific need

Internal and external factors continuously pressure businesses and organizations to do more with less. Stellar takes pride in the fact that our clients recognize the value we provides value over the long-term.

Traffic Data Management

We offer a range of waypoint products, including comprehensive and specialty datasets. Our data handling services are tailored to help agencies streamline the process of obtaining, combining, and making purchased data ready for use.
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Case Studies

Here are some examples of what we have done

COVID-19 Vaccine App

Major City in Northeast

GIS Services

Financial Institution in the Midwest

CARES Act Distribution Web Application

East Coast Water and Sewer Authority

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